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This is the webpage of me, Ian Mallett! I am a Ph.D student studying Computer Science at the University of Utah. My adviser is Cem Yuksel, and my area of research is, broadly, rendering. At my undergraduate university, the University of New Mexico, I worked as a research assistant, tutor, and TA.

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The sections are divided as follows:

Home This page!
Programming All my projects and tutorials and various other things (except Research)!
Arts Despite being a mostly scientific and technical person, I do have an artistic streak. See this page for poorly drawn science jokes, music, comics, and rants!
Research All my research in all areas, including mathematics and graphics programming.
Coursework Selected coursework from some of my classes. This section is experimental and may go away if no one cares about it.
Teaching Resources and office hours for classes I have taught.
Contact Contact me!
About Various information about me, the site, and other topics of interest.

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