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My name is Ian Mallett (the last name is pronounced "mah-LET" (IPA: [ˌmɐˈlɛt] or [ˌməˈlɛt]))*.

I am a self-described polymath studying Computer Science as a Ph.D student at the University of Utah. On the net, I am often known as "Geometrian", stemming from a paper on Geometry I wrote in 8th grade concerning the construction of arbitrary-sided regular polygons (see Research). Lately, in the name of transparency, I style myself "imallett". I speak (nearly) flawless English and horrible French, and can translate to and from basic Latin. I can also transliterate several hundred Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphics, common IPA, and to ASL.

My interests are diverse, and include computer programming, music (composition and performance), mathematics, art, writing (sometimes), philosophy (especially sociological, legal, and moral implications of emerging technology), martial arts, and archery.

I am an old-school coder that was born several decades too late to be old-school. I'm a hippie with a math degree, and without the rehab. I read old sci-fi books, new sci-fi books, and still haven't decided which I want to live in more. I write GPU path tracers for research and write compilers for fun. I type 66 words per minute English and 91 lexemes per minute C++. I've had dreams about semicola. I'm passionate about high-quality peanut butter in the way other people have conniptions about celebrity fashion.

This site aims to serve as a dumping-ground for any and everything related to my various projects. Additionally, it aims to be an at least somewhat helpful source on some topics (particularly technical ones). Above all, it is intended to amuse. I do not fancy myself a web designer, and while I made this website from scratch myself, it comprises what I am sure qualifies as an appalling abuse of PHP—so there are doubtless improvements that can be made.

I am, again, a grad student. To help me in my studies and to post more/improve content here, please consider donating to my education and research via the link at the bottom of this site!

My résumé and CV.

In terms of social networking, I am available on Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Once upon a time, I had a Facebook, but then I decided it was evil and deleted it (I have been informed that Facebook counts this as "unfriending" you; rest assumed, you were not unfriended; I just left). Please contact me by email directly here.

For licensing/usage of all content, please see this page.

Version: 3.1
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*Although the name's history is apparently extensive, on my branch of the tree (modulo a few recent exceptions), the pronunciation and spelling have remained the given constant for a long time. As far as I can tell, it is an English name, though possibly ultimately of French origin—a conclusion supported perhaps by the primary stress's occurrence on the second syllable. I sometimes use the (antihistorical) spelling "Mallette" to demonstrate the pronunciation. Common mispronunciations (to my ear) include, in approximately decreasing order of frequency, "mallet", "mullet", "mallé", "mallett-tay", "mallett-uh".

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