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In general, please feel free to contact me! I'm not scary!

Some suggestions to help you:

Please contact me for:

Suggestions: If there's a mistake on this website (broken link, etc.) or you have an idea for an improvement, please let me know!
Citations: I like to know where my code ends up! Find something useful on my site? Drop me a message!
Questions: about me, what I do, how I operate, what kind of cheese is best . . .
Press Inquiries: they do happen.
Tutorials: As suggested on the tutorials page, if you want a tutorial that's not listed as in development, let me know! Want to give me feedback, suggest improvements, or need some help? Let me know.
Students: You're a student in one of my classes or a student in an area I'm tutoring. Ask me anything!

Please DO NOT contact me for:
Spam/etc.: I will find your subnet and kill it with a DoS attack. You'll be able to take my 438,921 new counterspam messages to heart whilst, at your now crippled Nigerian ISP, a disgruntled IT worker with a machete picks through his list of five users one by one to find you.


Question: Answer:
Do you do contracts? / Can you do _____ for me? You can ask. I'm a busy person, and I already have an enormous amount on my plate. In general, I really don't have time to do anything extra. That said, especially for small things that I can do very quickly, I may decide to do your task. Note that in no case will I do your homework.

If payment is applicable (e.g., contracting), give me an estimate of about what you're willing to pay. Except for very special circumstances, it will be PayPal only, with finished product presented upon payment.

You should send me a short email explaining your project (so that you won't have wasted your time if I don't have the resources or interest). If I preliminarily accept the proposal, I will ask for a specification of the problem to be solved so that there are no surprises. It is at this point that you should give a complete description of the project.
I really wanna email you, but didn't see if I could above! If in doubt, email me. If I specifically haven't listed against it above, please feel free. If it really is unwelcome (likely not), I won't blame you; I'll just update the site.

Email: ian [^at^] geometrian.com

The old contact box from my last website is also here:

You can also use the comments section, below.

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