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CS 6620.001 "Ray Tracing for Graphics" Fall 2014

by Ian Mallett (ian AT geometrian.com)

Welcome to my ray tracing site for the course CS 6620.001, being taught at the University of Utah in Fall 2014 by Cem Yuksel. You may have been redirected from an HTML file because (though web designer I am not (how dare you)) I prefer PHP, with which the rest of my site is built. Ask me in person how it works. I'm told it's hilarious.

Welcome fellow students! I have lots of experience ray tracing, and with graphics in general, and so I'll be pleased to help by giving constructive tips throughout (and I'll also try very hard to get the correct image, or say why particular images are correct as opposed to others). If you shoot me an email with a link to your project, I'm pretty good at guessing what the issues in raytracers are from looking at wrong images.

Hardware specifications, see bottom of page.

Timing information will look like "(#t #s ##:##:##)" and corresponds to the number of threads used, the number of samples (per pixel, per light, possibly explained in context), and the timing information rounded to the nearest second.

Without further ado, the projects, grouped below by number:

Project 1 - "Ray Casting"
Project 2 - "Shading"
Project 3 - "Shadows"
Project 4 - "Reflections, and Refractions"
Project 5 - "Triangular Meshes"
Project 6 - "Space Partitioning"
Project 6.5 - Misc. Changes
Project 6.75 - More Preliminary Photon Mapping
Project 7 - "Textures"
Project 8 - "Antialiasing"
Project 9 - "Depth of Field"
Project 10 - "Soft Shadows and Glossy Surfaces"
Project 11 - "Monte Carlo GI"
Project 12 - "Path Tracer"
Project 13 - "Photon Mapping"
Project 14 - "Teapot Rendering Competition"
Project 14 - "Teapot Rendering Competition" (Round II)
Project 14 - "Teapot Rendering Competition" (Round III)
Project 14 - "Teapot Rendering Competition" (Round IV)

Hardware: except as mentioned, renders are done on my laptop, which has:

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