~/imallett (Ian Mallett)

CS 6967.001 "Special Topics Numerical Simulation" Fall 2016

This is the subsite for the course CS 6967.001, being taught at the University of Utah in Fall 2016 by Cem Yuksel.

There are numerous things that could be of interest, but unfortunately in the interest of my time, I haven't posted all of them.

Final Project

The final project I chose was to improve my existing FLIP fluid solver to also handle sand. The result is sortof bad, but it at least kindof works. I had to write my own marching-cubes implementation to handle the water surface (rendering as particles was far too slow). The submitted version required a ton of filtering to remove nasty temporal artifacts. The improved version used smooth normals on the water (after I stopped being lazy and implemented smooth normals in my marching-cubes implementation). Hence, I got away with less temporal filtering. The final rerender has no filtering and was rerendered at UHD 4K with 100 samples/pixel.

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