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Project "Gravitation":

Version 2.0.0 demonstrates a simple n-body simulation. Version 2.0.0 allows objects to collide. Version 3.0.0 demonstrates what happens when the sun explodes or disappears. The latter was produced to help a NASA scientist visualize the effects. Relativistic effects are not considered. Versions 4.0.0 and onward continue in spirit after version 2.0.0. To help keep it straight, the versions are labeled.

Version Simulation 2.0.0 ("Gravity Simulation")
Version Situation 3.0.0 ("Gravity Situation")
Version Simulation 4.0.0 ("Gravity Simulation")

    .zip file (2K)
Source Requirements:

    Python (Tested versions: 2.7.3, 3.3.0)

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