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Project "glLib":

The Python precursors to my ongoing project of writing a C++ graphics library. These are years behind in terms of functionality and robustness, but as far as I can tell they are the most advanced mid-level graphics toolkits available for Python/PyOpenGL. The C++ version may or may not be released in the (distant) future.

The original OpenGL Library was written to abstract common OpenGL tasks (shadowing, load objects, set viewports), but evolved into a library that also processed shaders. glLib Reloaded tries to do many common OpenGL tasks. Unfortunately, Python wasn't up to the challenge, and thus started the port to C++. The releases here track this history.

The name "glLib" comes from the shortening "OpenGL Library", which expands to "Open Graphics Library Library".

Version OpenGL Library 1.3 (Original "OpenGL Library")
Version OpenGL Library 1.4
Version Shader OpenGL Library 3.4.7 ("Shader OpenGL Library")
Version glLib Reloaded 0.5.8sb ("glLib Reloaded")
Version glLib Reloaded 0.5.9 ("glLib Reloaded")

    .zip file (4M)
Source Requirements:

    Python (Tested versions: 2.7.3, 2.7.11, 3.3.0)

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