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Project "libash":

This C++ Math library was originally part of the ongoing C++ port of my Python glLib. Recognizing its utility, I ripped it out and generalized it. Since then, it has grown into a powerful SIMD vector/matrix processor (although it is best for small matrices). It is low-level but clean.

Like many of my projects, the name of Ash was arrived at in a sideways way. Two famous mathematicians are Ada Lovelace and Leonhard Euler. Together, AE. This ae happens to be close to æ, an old-English letter known as "ash" (especially to Linguists, where it is the low-front vowel in IPA). Hence, "Ash".

Version 1.0.0
Version 1.0.2
Version 1.0.3
Version 1.0.4
Version 1.0.5
Version 1.1.0
Version 1.2.0
Version 1.3.0

    .zip file (187K)
Source Requirements:

    Eigen (optional)

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