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My research interests include real-time rendering/graphics algorithms, radiosity and generalized light transport, and OpenCL for high performance graphics techniques and GPGPU.

I used to work as an undergraduate researcher under the advisement of Dr. Pradeep Sen in the Advanced Graphics Laboratory (AGL) at the University of New Mexico (UNM). Around Fall-2012-ish, Sen left for UCSB and left the AGL in charge of Dr. Joe Kniss, who was shortly hired by Google. I am unclear on whether Kniss was technically still at UNM; he disappeared late fall 2013. I did work from fall 2013 until my graduation under the advisement of Dr. Lance Williams, though working essentially independently. After I was graduated, I went to the University of Utah as a Ph.D student where I now work under the advisement of Dr. Cem Yuksel.

There are some projects that are currently in-development, and will be listed here when complete. Some other previous projects that also could count as research were previously listed here. They were mostly one-off projects that aren't aligned with my areas of interest or expertise; they have been removed to keep this page relevant.

Dot-Product Reparameterizations of Tabular Isotropic BSDFs

This work originated as my undergraduate thesis. It was presented at UNM's CSSC 2014, where it won first place. No paper was published. The basic idea is to use functions of dot-products of key vectors to reparameterize tabular BSDF data. This provides efficiency gains in several ways.

Adaptive Deferred Shading

This is still a work-in-progress. Extended abstract for our poster at I3D 2016:

ACM DL Author-ize serviceAdaptive deferred shading
Ian Mallett, Cem Yuksel, Amit Prakash
I3D '16 Proceedings of the 20th ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, 2016

Parameterization of Tabulated BRDFs

After much deliberation, a paper based on the previous work was published at CGI 2016. The focus of the paper was gradually altered to pose it as a mathematical framework; reviewers at other conferences objected to the added length of the motivation and derivation in early versions, yet complained when it was then removed.

Presentation: (slides: .pdf file (503K)) (slides+notes: .odp file (384K))

ACM DL Author-ize serviceParameterization of Tabulated BRDFs
Ian Mallett, Cem Yuksel
CGI '16 Proceedings of the 33rd Computer Graphics International, 2016

Anisotropic Texture Filtering using Line Integral Textures

The idea here was to make use of a very clever transform to speed up hardware anisotropic texture filtering. For the same quality, the algorithm is much faster than conventional anisotropic filtering in the best case, but has a large number of very-plausible worst cases. It is also inelegant. This work was done during my time at UNM.
.pdf file (9M)

Circlet Programming Language

Circlet 1.4.4 Distribution

Approximate Construction of Regular Polygons


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